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FYI, a selection of news from the media...

For some time, the job market for business analyst (a role we prepare our MIS graduates for) has been hot.  For instance, eWeek magazine (April 14, 2003) noted the high demand for IT business analysts.

More recently CIO Magazine's State of the CIO 2006 survey found high demand for business analysts with project management being the most sought after skill set.

Even in a bad economy, businesses hire for MIS jobs. According to a story titled "Avoiding the Ax: Where the Jobs Are" in The Wall Street Journal (Dec 23, 2008), a few business functions become even more essential in bad times and even in struggling companies. Information technology is cited as such a function.

When you consider not only starting salaries but also mid-career prospects, MIS is among the top 10 "most profitable college majors and highest paying college degrees" according to a Money College blog (May 10, 2010). Unlike MIS, most of the rest of the top 10 majors require science or math skills.

Once again, MIS jobs are among the 10 best in the country. An annual study by determined the best and worst occupations in 2011 using five criteria: work environment, income, employment outlook, physical demands, and stress.  Two types of MIS jobs, Software Engineer and Computer Systems Analyst, were #1 and #5, respectively. (No other business major made the Top 10 list.) If you are wondering, Roustabout was the worst job.